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•  Website design and construction
•  Website upgrade and maintenance
•  Website search engine optimisation
•  Photo restoration
•  Photo enhancement
•  Graphic Design including logos and corporate identity
•  Preparation of Business and Personal Stationary
•  Document Presentation
•  Creative design for Visual Marketing Presentations and Promotional Material
•  Analysis of current websites to determine feasibility in relation to S.E.O. and current W3 standards


Building Cost Effective Websites for Small Business

An effective well designed website is one of the most cost effective marketing investments any business can make.

It gives a business an immediate presence and window to existing and potential customers on a local and worldwide basis. Compared to other promotional and advertising mediums a website is amazingly cost efficient. Substantial visual and verbal information about your business can be included at modest cost and regularly updated inexpensively.

It is an exciting and dynamic marketing and communication vehicle. Its comparatively low cost nature makes it a "must have" strategic tool for many small businesses. A website can form the primary reference point for a new business or provide a new phase of life for an existing business.

Visual Strategic specialises in the development of websites for small business. We understand the importance of cost effective marketing programmes for small enterprises and organisations. We understand working within budget constraints and we understand the importance to small business of personal, reliable service.

A website is a "living entity". It is not a "set and forget entity". To perform at its best it requires regular review and fine tuning. Developing a site that is efficient and inexpensive to update is a key design element.

In some cases a new website design can provide the basis for the corporate identity of the business including the design and graphic style of the business's logo, letterhead, business card, brochures, catalogues, signage and other advertising and promotional material.

In other cases the website design should follow the key elements of the existing corporate design and style. The objectives and requirements of each website will vary from business to business. For some a very simple and concise site will be ideal, others will require more complexity and will contain more detailed information and visual components.

In every case the website will be designed to maximise Search Engine Optimisation as currently prescribed and each site is submitted to the major free web Search Engines: google, yahoo7 and bing/ninemsn. 

Visual Strategic offers creative and cost effective solutions to website development and improvement. Our aim is to provide strategically targeted websites that actively grow your business and respect your promotional budget.

End-to-End Solutions

There are many areas that need to be addressed when deciding on a web site design. Sometimes it requires starting at the beginning with a logo and corporate identity, photographing products or other situations for the internet. We aim to work closely with our clients whilst relieving them of the overall responsibility. We can help you resolve a technical architecture, mock-up screen designs and layouts, identify functional requirements. We can aid you in deciding upon hosting solutions and domain name registration if the need arises. It's our aim to make the whole process as smooth and transparent as possible whilst ensuring we gain your input at every stage.

Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) is the key to reaching out to your target market on the internet. Organic S.E.O. techniques are integrated in every website Visual Strategic designs. We work with you to ensure the correct keywords are identified and listed.

We are happy to maintain or upgrade existing websites to suit the changing requirements of your business. We also carry out feasibility studies on current websites to ensure they are Search Engine Optimised and meet present W3 standards and fashions of design.